Consultancy for applying : JTK & JCS, KDN for Foreign Workers (KUOTA)
License Application and Consultation for Foot Massage and Reflexology
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Romali International provides information and counselling on obtaining SKM.

If you have any further queries in respect of the certification process, please contact us.

协助技术行业的雇主及员工,申请大马技术认证(Sijil Kemahiran Malaysia),提升企业形象及员工素质。

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The Malaysian Skills Certification System is a skills and work-based certification system in Malaysia that is achieved through assessment and training. Candidates can receive Malaysian Skills award if they meet the requirements of the National Occupational Skills Standard developed and regulated by the Department of Skills Development (formerly known as the National Vocational Training Council).

It is conferred as a formal recognised certificate to individuals who has shown capabilities that acquired or practised with competencies to do a task or work, which usually in the form of basic vocational skills. The criteria and standards of the Malaysian Skills Certification System are articulated with higher level qualifications to enable holders to progress from the level of semi skills, to skilled production, right up to supervisory, executive and managerial functions.

Entry Requirements for the Sijil Kemahiran Malaysia (SKM) Courses
• PMR/ SPM/ UEC Certificate holders for Malaysian candidates.
• Have gone through PMR even if failed all subjects or minimum aged 16.

Consultancy for Applying SKM for Hair, Beauty, Urut, Reflexology, Spa, Aroma Therapy etc
Consultancy for Reflexology Association of Malaysia - Sijil Kemahiran Refleksologi (SKM) Applikasi
E Status Card Application for Foreign Worker in Malaysia
Permohonan Pengambilan Pekerja Asing
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